Blinds Biggleswade

Blinds Biggleswade

If you are looking for blinds in Biggleswade then look no further.

We Here at Blinds and Sails manufacture our own blinds, enabling us to maintain high standards for blinds in Biggleswade , fit all budgets and maintain short lead times.

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Biggleswade is an area we enjoy fitting window blinds with its Shuttleworth Collection
Started by Richard Shuttleworth, who collectected some of the exhibits still here, The Shuttleworth Collection is home to the best collection of genuine WWI aircraft that all still fly in Europe, alongside over historic aircraft from 1909 to the 1950s. The Collection includes the oldest aircraft still flying – the 1909 Blériot. Also, the oldest airworthy British aircraft 1912 Blackburn Monoplane, the 1934 race winning DH88 Comet, record breaking 1936 Mew Gull, 1938 special ops Westland Lysander and many more. Vintage vehicles including a steam locomobile and early buses, cycles and motorcycles are also part of The Collection. Shuttleworth is based at an aerodrome with a grass runway, PPR required but there are no landing fees and aviation fuel available at self-service pumps. It’s just off the A1 at Biggleswade with free parking, on-site Play Area, restaurant and adjacent Swiss Garden, and a period Mansion (open event days). May to October it is a top class vintage airshow venue.

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