Create a new modern window appeal with the ultra chic shutters

Window treatments can alter a room into a cozy warm and appealing place where friends and family can get together to rest and have fun. One of the most well liked types of window treatments are window shutters. Window shutters come in numerous styles and materials. There are also many different ways to install them. The most preferred way of installation is inside of the window frame itself, or you can use a window strip and place it on the exterior of the window frame.

Window shutters can be purchased as a single shutter that opens like a window blind or you can buy a two-panel shutter that opens from side to side. There are various other choices of window shutters that can be used to augment the appearance of the space.

However, it is important that you take into consideration the size of the room and the size of the windows to insure that the look is right. With window shutter treatments, you can control the amount of light that comes into the room. Another option for window shutter treatments is shutters that have four panels. There are myriad of benefits of installing shutters. They assure total privacy particularly late at night. They can also block out some noise that occurs on a daily basis. The best attribute about window shutter treatments is that they come in so many different styles that it will be difficult time selecting which one is the best for you. If there are odd shaped windows, or more than one window in a row, it is probable to order window shutter treatments to alter for each window. By merely adding a divider rail, one can add as many shutters as you desire to complete the look of your room.

Deciding the right window shutter

Among the many types of window shutters that are available today, Grovewood collection is the most popular and comprehensive assortment of shutters. They are made from the fine quality of hardwood that shows the grain when stained yet gives the smooth finish when painted. There are various colors available in this range. Shutters at Hertfordshire offers the finest of them with custom painted as well so that you can get as per your room style and color. These shutters add beauty and elegance to the space and are perfect for decorating the place. They are durable and unquestionably can uplift the decorum of the home or office wherever you install them. Blindsandsails offers some of the amazing styles and patterns in window shutters in Hertfordshire.

Made to measure shutters





Cleveland shutters are manufactured using a range of composite materials including MDF panels with ABS louvres and MDF frames to produce an outstanding, reliable and tough shutter suitable for pretty much any application.




shutters-classicThis is the most affordable route to shutter style for those who love the look of shutters but are working to a budget.

Made from low density fibreboard, an engineered wood product, these shutters are strong, and straight, giving a uniform look that is smooth and neat when painted.

Made to our exacting standards, they are simple yet attractive and available in five shades of white and neutral tones.



shutters-marchwoodMade from hardwood panels and MDF frames, our Marchwood range is a great all-rounder and offers super value for money.

They’re suitable for most rooms in the house and are available in five gorgeous painted finishes.




shutters-grovewoodOur Grovewood collection is our most comprehensive and popular range of shutters. Made from premium quality hardwood, that shows the grain when stained yet gives a smooth finish when painted, it offers a wide range of colour options – a total of 37 stained and painted finishes.

And if that weren’t sufficient, there is also the option to have them custom painted! A perfect shutter that ticks all the boxes



shutters-viennaVienna, our water-proof and manufactured to be incredibly tough and durable. The panels and frames are produced using Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) which is the same material used to make crash helmets and kettles.

Impervious to water, resistant to heat and tougher than PVC, our Vienna range is ideal for bathrooms and high traffic areas.



shutters-phoenixThis is a very lightweight bleached out hardwood with a lovely distinctive grain that stands out even when painted.

Phoenix is available in a gorgeous range of stained finishes as well as the popular painted colours.


Prices start from just £230 per square metre include survey, fitting and V.A.T.